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Essential Daily Exercises for Maintaining Mobility in Bedridden Patients

Feb 16, 2024

Exercises for Bedridden Patients

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is crucial, especially for elderly individuals who may be bedridden. There are several key aspects to consider, such as hygiene, regular movement, and exercise, all of which play a vital role in building strength and preventing skin-related issues.

Encouraging the elderly to participate in physical activities, tailored to their abilities, is essential for keeping their bodies in motion and promoting overall well-being. While activities like walking, climbing stairs, and performing household chores may seem simple, they can significantly contribute to maintaining physical fitness and health for those who are mobile.

However, for bedridden individuals, staying active presents unique challenges. Due to illness or mobility limitations, they require extra care and attention to ensure their bodies remain in motion. Despite their inability to engage in daily activities as they once did, it's crucial to provide support and assistance tailored to their needs to promote movement and maintain their health.

Extended periods of muscle inactivity can lead to various complications, hindering the body's normal functioning and blood flow. Among these issues, bedsores can arise if the body's movement is restricted for an extended period.

To address this concern, it's essential to incorporate simple exercises that promote muscle health and activity, particularly for bedridden individuals with limited mobility. As the saying goes, "An active body leads to an active mind." By prioritizing physical activity, we can foster a healthier body and mind for our elders and loved ones. Encourage them to perform the following exercises regularly to prevent further complications:

Bedsore Care

Exercise for Neck and Head:  

  • Head turns:

You can help your loved ones with this exercise while making them lie down or making them sit in a comfortable position. They can turn their head slowly from one end to the other for 3-4 rounds. 

  • Head rotation: 

Head turns and head rotations are good ways to increase mobility around the neck. You can tilt their head on one side and help them rotate it at a 360-degree angle both clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

Exercise for Upper Half: 

  • Palm stretches: 

Palm stretches are a great way to increase motion in the hands. As a caregiver, you can help them open their palm and extend their fingers and make them touch their thumb to all 5 fingers. Repeat it with both hands for 1-2 rounds. 

  • Shoulder rotation: 

Shoulder rotation is a very good exercise for bedridden patients. They can rotate their shoulders front and back and even clockwise. 

  • Arm rotation: 

Now, this exercise can be a little difficult, not all elders will be able to do this by themselves and will need your little help. Make them raise their arms as high as they can, one by one at least 5-6 times. Then, help them raise their arm in front followed by one hand after another, if they are comfortable they can even do it with both their arms. 

  • Wrist rotation: 

Wrist rotation is another simple exercise that they can even do while resting or sitting. Make them stretch their hands in front and rotate their wrists both clockwise and anticlockwise. 

  • Finger Bends: - Finger Bends are simple as well! Extend their fingers and thumb apart and then touch them with each other. Repeat this for at least 2-3 rounds. 

    Bedridden Exercises

Exercise for the Lower half of body: 

  • Leg rotation: 

This can be done while lying down. The caretaker will have to help them with this exercise. Make them raise one leg and rotate it to both extreme left and right. Repeat this for both legs. 

  • Leg movements: 

Make them move their legs in an up-down position for at least 2-3 rounds for both legs. 

  • The toe bends and ankle bends:  

Make them stretch their toe outwards and then inwards, if it seems difficult for them, even the caretaker can help them with this. Similarly, bend the ankles of both legs one after another from outwards to towards. 

  • Ankle rotation: 

Do this exercise by either sitting or lying down. They can bend their foot so that the toes point towards the ceiling and then bend it backwards. Repeat this for a few rounds.

Bedsore Prevention

During the entire exercise process, if at any phase the elder feels any kind of pain or discomfort it is suggested to avoid that particular exercise and consult a doctor for the same. Caretakers need to make sure that the elder's body stays in motion with regular exercises every day for at least 20-25 minutes. In case of lack of care for their physical health, they can even develop bedsores.

Preventing Bedsores can be done with regular exercises and with regular application of Soreze bedsore Gel which protects the skin from developing Bedsores with its Silicone barrier gel technology and advanced formulation. Along with all these measures, also make sure to help them change their position after every 2 hours. 

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Note - Always consult your doctor and perform these exercises under expert supervision.