Adult Diaper Rash

Adult diaper rash treatment: Here’s how you can treat it.

May 04, 2023

Adult Diaper Rash Treatment

Diaper rashes remind us of babies. However, they aren’t the only ones getting it. Diaper dermatitis is a common issue among people who use diapers. And hence, people using adult diapers can also get them frequently. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of. With proper hygiene habits, one can help with the prevention and treatment of nappy rash.

Adults with incontinence experience frequent bladder leaks. It can be extremely painstaking to change clothes multiple times. Leave alone all the embarrassment, if you are in public. In such cases, adult diapers can help! They help keep your clothes clean and dry and wade away the stress of any embarrassment. It is extremely beneficial in cases of people with serious illnesses or ones bedridden. It saves time and effort to focus more on their major ailment. However, improper care can lead to rashes. Let’s take a look at some of the common symptoms–

Common symptoms of adult diaper rashes:

  • Red/pinkish-patch: A pinkish-red patch may appear as a result of infection. This is usually the first stage of diaper rash.
  • Dry skin: Diaper rashes might also develop as a result of friction between the skin and the diaper. And that's how extremely dry skin can be a contributor to rashes.
  • Swelling: Sometimes, a patch or swelling may develop as a result of the infection. However, this is seen only in extreme cases.
  • Diaper rashes begin just as a small red rash in the affected area. Once proper care is taken, one can get rid of it. If the inflammation persists, it might lead to irritation. If the irritation and rashes persist, they can spread all over the skin. 

Once rashes appear, it may be difficult for people to treat them along with their discomfort. Here are some ways for Adult diaper rash treatment:

  • Anti-rash cream: An adult diaper rash cream or adult diaper rash ointment forms a protective barrier between the diaper and the skin, minimizing contact between the two. Using a preparation that forms a water-repellent and breathable barrier film on the skin is most beneficial.
  • Change diapers frequently: Changing the diaper often can help keep the area dry and away from moisture.
  • Maintaining proper hygiene: Cleaning the area while changing the diaper and bathing can reduce the growth of bacteria.
  • Leave your skin to air out: Occasionally, leaving your skin out in the air can help the infection heal.
  • Adult diaper rash cream: Creams can help in the treatment of nappy rashes as they reduce the discomfort and act as a barrier.
Nappy Rashes

When to see a doctor?

Diaper rashes can be cured easily if detected and treated timely. They do not last for more than a week or two with proper treatment. However, it is always best to consult a skin specialist if the rash persists. Depending on the person’s condition, dermatologists may suggest treatments. They can be normal, moderate, or severe; however, one should get a proper check-up done in any case.

Soreze Adult Diaper Rash Gel is a silicone-based gel that forms a protective barrier shield on the rash by forming a thin, long-lasting layer that is water repellent, breathable, protective, and prevents contact of skin with the diaper. Once you clean and dry the affected area, a small quantity should be uniformly spread on rashes to relieve the pain. More importantly, it inhibits direct contact between skin and urine or stool.