Adult Diaper Rash

Adult Diaper Rashes can be Prevented and Treated with these Simple Tips

May 22, 2023

Adult Diaper Rash Prevention

At least once in a lifetime, we all must have faced rashes! We are also aware of the uncomfortable feeling and the itchiness that comes along with it. We constantly look for a solution to treat rashes. A solution that can bring a sense of relief and relaxation. This is exactly what our loved ones want when they are suffering from rashes due to incontinence. 

Incontinence refers to the body’s inability to control urine leakage. Once the diaper is worn, the moisture in the diaper area increases and starts creating friction when the body comes in contact with the diaper, resulting in rashes. This is why most adults who wear diapers are prone to getting rashes. 

To get to the root cause of the problem, it’s important to first understand the symptoms associated with it. 

When it comes to Adult Diaper Rashes, here are some of the symptoms that you can look out for:  

Patches of inflammation:

When the rashes attack the diaper area, they tend to create some patches! These patches can be pimples or burns, or you might even experience constant itching or an urge to itch! These rashes can appear near the buttocks area, thighs, and even the genitals. If you see any patches on the patient’s body, it's important to take immediate action in order to prevent rashes from progressing. 

Warm and firm skin: 

While changing the patient’s diaper, if you feel that the diaper area is getting warm or firm, it means that the rashes are on their way. Remember - early prevention is always better! 

Color of the skin in the area: 

If the patient is wearing diapers and feeling uncomfortable, you may notice the skin color near the diaper area turning pink or dark red (depending on the skin tone). In this situation, preventive measures work best. 

You can also apply Soreze Adult Diaper Rash Gel at least 2-3 times a day or with every diaper change. It is not only effective in the treatment of rashes but the gel-based formula in it also works exceptionally well to prevent them from occurring. 

Now that we know the symptoms, here are a few ways to treat and prevent Adult Diaper Rashes: 

Hygiene of the Patient

 More attention to Hygiene:

Incontinence directly affects the hygiene of the patient and also increases the chances of rashes. Taking extra care of hygiene in these conditions can help in the reduction of developing diaper rashes. Here are a few precautionary measures you can take in order to avoid rashes. 

Changing the diaper at the time it gets wet. 

After a shower, you can gently pat the area around the diaper instead of rubbing the cloth harshly. 

You can use lukewarm water to gently wash the affected area a few times a day. 

Increase the airflow by avoiding using tight briefs or pads and instead wearing loose and comfortable undergarments. 

Natural remedies: 

Natural remedies also provide positive results but it also depends on the condition of the rashes. 

Aloe vera – Aloe Vera contains anti-inflammation properties which are good for the skin and also have the power to soothe rashes. 

Coconut oil – Coconut oil helps keep the area around the diaper moisturized. It is also helpful in healing rashes. 

Calamine cream – Calamine cream smoothens the affected part and can be used to prevent adult diaper rashes.  

Elderly Care

Here are some tips to prevent Diaper Rashes: 

  1. Change the diapers more often: 

Make sure to change the diapers on a regular basis. This will help keep the skin around the diaper dry and prevent rashes from developing. 

  1. Use comfortable diapers: 

Sometimes, using the right fit can make all the difference. Using diapers that are very tight can also cause rashes. So maybe selecting a diaper size that is a notch bigger can help prevent rashes. 

  1. Let the skin breathe: 

Allow the skin to breathe by letting it be without a diaper for some time. This too can help prevent rashes. Additionally, you can avoid wearing diapers for long periods. 

Treatment with barrier gels:  

Barrier gels are an effective treatment plan when it comes to treating Diaper rashes. They protect the skin from moisture. 

  • Essential Oils also work extremely well in treating Diaper rashes. Essential oils of lavender have proven antifungal and antibacterial properties. Patchouli oil also has excellent soothing and healing properties. Calendula oil has a powerful smoothing action on the skin and an anti-itch function. 
  • Soreze Adult Diaper Rash Gel is fabricated using all of these essential oils and starts working within 30 seconds of its application to provide relief to the patient. It can be used for prevention, and also for the treatment of diaper rashes in adults. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties provide effective results in diaper rash areas. 
  • Soreze Adult Diaper Rash Gel is safe to be used in intimate areas, as it is particularly made for it. It reduces redness and inflammation and provides smooth skin that makes the patient feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Adult diaper rashes can be easily treated and prevented. Applying Soreze Adult Diaper Rash Gel can show better and quicker results as it is specifically made the treat and prevent adult diaper rash.