Adult Diaper Rash

Signs they need to start using adult diapers

May 23, 2023

Adult Diapers Rashes

Like many other things in life, aging also has its own setbacks. To watch our loved ones not being able to take charge of the day as they used to is one of the most difficult things to do. But as caregivers, we have a huge amount of responsibility when our elders start aging. Apart from being there for their needs, we also need to pay attention to intricate changes that take place in their body. 

It's important to remember that making our elders feel comfortable should be given utmost priority. There are times when they wouldn’t be able to express their grief so it becomes our duty to make them live a comfortable life and be a helping hand when they need it the most. 

Prevent Diaper Rashes

Incontinence is one of the common issues faced by our elders. Incontinence may be categorized into urinary and bowel incontinence. In literal terms, it means the inability to control bladder or bowel movements. Due to this and many other reasons, diapers become a must-have for our elders. 

Diapers for kids are well known and well accepted in the world but when it comes to diapers for adults, there’s still a stigma associated with it. For most of it, our elders may feel that wearing a diaper may compromise their dignity to some extent. Hence it becomes necessary for us to communicate to them that wearing diapers is for their own comfort and benefit. We can address this issue by handling the topic delicately and keeping our loved ones in confident during such times. 

How to know if an elderly person needs a diaper? 

There are many warning signs that will help find out whether or not your loved one may need a diaper. 

  • Compromised mobility: 

One of the major signs that your loved one may need a diaper is when his/her mobility is compromised due to an illness. For example, if your loved one is bedridden or had an accident or impaired mobility due to paralysis, stroke etc., it can be a challenge for them to get up on their own and make it to the washroom in time. In such cases, making them wear a diaper becomes important so as to not let urine or bowel create a mess. 

  • Bladder problems/ Infections: 

Bladder problems or urinary infections can cause hindrances in sleep. You may notice your elders complaining about not having a good night’s sleep or you may even notice urine leakage. This is a warning sign that your loved one may need a diaper for better management of such problems. 

  • Frequent urge to go to the washroom: 

If you have elders at home and you notice that they constantly need to rush to the washroom, there may be a possibility that they would be facing issues with their bladder. In such a situation, making them wear a diaper can be essential to avoid circumstances such as urinary leakages. 

Why are diapers good for our elders? 

Diapers can help cut down a lot of problems for our elders. They also save a lot of time for caregivers who are constantly switching between taking cares of their loved ones and other priorities. 

As caregivers, we need to make our elders feel comfortable especially when they can’t help themselves. They need to be in the know-how that diapers aren’t necessarily a dignity issue rather they can make them feel comfortable in situations that are otherwise out of their control. 

Choosing the right diapers also becomes mandatory so as to provide maximum comfort. You can select diapers according to the right size and materials. 

How do I manage issues like Adult Diaper Rashes that may come along with diapers? 

Adult Diaper Rashes

Diaper rashes in adults can be treated as well as prevented with the right practices. Even though it may look like a small problem on the exterior, diaper rashes can become very uncomfortable for our loved ones and hence proper management is key to prevent them from developing. Diaper rashes can also progress into something serious if not taken care of. 

As a caretaker, you can be alert to catch symptoms of diaper rashes at the right time so that you can treat it on time and prevent further complications. Here are some signs that you can take into consideration while assessing diaper rashes. 

  • Redness of the skin around the diaper area:

If you spot some redness on the skin around the diaper area, this may be a sign that a diaper rash is on its way. 

  • Constant urge to itch: 

Like any other rash, diaper rashes in adults also give out a constant urge to itch. So when you see your loved one constantly wanting to itch, there may be a possibility that he’s going through diaper rashes. 

Diaper rashes in adults happen due to several reasons such as trapped moisture, skin chafing or rubbing, fungal infections, inflammations caused by ammonia in confined urine or enzymes in stools, etc. Diaper rashes may cause hindrances and inconveniences to the daily routine of you and your loved ones but they shouldn’t be a reason to demotivate our elders from wearing diapers. 

There are effective treatment and prevention plans that can come into focus while dealing with situations such as diaper rashes in adults. One of them is barrier gels. 

Barrier gels are one of the most effective treatment and prevention plans for diaper rashes in adults. They can mitigate several complications that may arise. Barrier gels that are packed with the goodness of certain essential oils are all the more effective in treating and preventing diaper rashes in adults.

Diaper rashes shouldn’t stop our elders from wearing diapers. Certain warning signs like the ones mentioned above should help you assess whether or not your loved ones need to wear diapers.