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Diet plan for reducing weight in older people

Jun 01, 2023

Diet Plan for Older People

What should our older adults eat? Make a perfect diet plan today!

While moving to a fast-paced life, a healthy diet might have taken a back seat. Transitioning to a modern yet monotonous mode of life has made us shift to quick bites, processed food, and many junk substitutes. In addition, growing westernization and mechanical lifestyle have changed food habits and schedules that have harmed our health. 

These calories and fats-loaded food need a fast metabolism and an active lifestyle to burn them. However, in the case of older adults, this is a challenge.  As their activities and mobility gets limited, their metabolism slows down and hence digestion.

Bed-ridden patients or adults with limited mobility may also develop pressure or bed sores due to low mobility, increasing weight and compounding pressure on specific areas, which may lead to extreme discomfort and, in the worst cases, can lead to severe infections. Therefore, checking their health and weight will keep them fit and active and help aid to bedsore care. As diet contributes majorly to both, it is important to provide a nutrition-rich diet in case of bedridden patients. 

Here are a few tips to help your older adults develop healthy eating habits

Have a diet plan

Work on developing an appropriate diet plan consisting of nutrient-rich food, less in calories and low nutrition-value foods. Include more proteins to keep them full without the urge to munch in between meals. Include 1 gram of protein corresponding to every kilogram of body weight. Include fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, seafood, etc., in the proper proportions. A protein-rich diet can aid with weight loss. This also helps maintain bone and muscle health as you age. 

Nutrient-Rich Food for Elders

Shift to healthier alternatives

Wheat bread instead of Maida. Make healthy choices by choosing nutritious alternatives that are better for your health. One could also replace white rice with brown rice or lapsi semolina as it is a healthier and more nutritious alternative than polished rice. Opt for jaggery in place of sugar. These minor changes can have a more significant and compounding effect on your diet and, thus, weight.

Reduce sugar, salt, and spices

Spices and oils dominate Indian cuisine. It should be a conscious effort of both the caretaker and your oldie to cut down on them. Have foods from different categories to help reduce the risk of various lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, etc. Maintain a healthy balance at all times. 

Water is the savior

Drink as much water as possible. Water has far-reaching benefits. A lot of times, water can mask itself as hunger. Make sure to fulfil your daily requirement of water to promote appropriate energy levels, easy digestion, and absorption of nutrients. Avoid aerated carbonated drinks as they are high in sugar.

Keep a count

Regularly check BP, diabetes, and other vitals while dieting to keep things on track. Always remember to pick a plan that best suits your needs. Never hesitate to alter it to suit your needs. Check food composition and ingredients in packed and processed foods to continually give them the best.  

Promote physical activities 

Depending on your adult’s age, plan physical activities best suit their ability. Help them take a stroll around the locality. If possible, help them practice basic yoga asanas. This help goes beyond the diet and maintains their weight. Simple activities will also help them take out time for themselves.

Physical Activities for Elders

It’s okay to indulge sometimes.

Cheat days are our favorites, aren’t they? So, loosen their diet and let them splurge in a few moments of joy with their choicest delicacies. It is essential to strike the right balance between their diet and favorite food.

Since they are already growing old and with significant ailments, they must check with their doctor/nutritionist at all points. Any changes or new introductions you make to their diet should be done only after consultation with their dietician.

Besides food, good hygiene is another important thing that ensures good quality of life. If they use diapers or are restricted to a bed, they must ensure proper intimate care to prevent bedsores. Soreze provides India’s leading anti-rash gel and bedsore ointment with a potent silicon-based formula that soothes any sores or pressure wounds and helps the skin breathe. In addition, it forms a defensive shield that eliminates friction leaving your skin soft and comfortable.