9 Simple Ways to Care for Elderly During Festivities

Oct 12, 2023

Care for Elderly During Festivities

The beginning of the holiday season brings a great deal of enthusiasm. However, while festivals are all about delicious foods, family, and pleasure, some of our family members also need extra attention. The young and the old! While managing kids is a different hassle altogether, managing the older counterparts can also be challenging!

It is common at their age to feel lonely and irritable due to their underlying diseases/illnesses. During such times, festivities and celebrations are a fuzzy blanket in chilly weather! Special occasions like these can help them get their mind off the pain as they are amidst their loved ones. With friends and family pouring in, they might also feel less lonely.

So, here we bring to you some simple yet effective ways to get Golden Age involved and maintain proper medical care!

  1. Engage them!

They have gotten old and might not be able to get wholly involved in games or the activities you have planned. However, letting them join in your activities will make them feel heard, cheer them up, and refresh them. If you have many senior citizens around, you may plan games/activities exclusively for them. You might think about playing some easy games like cards, jigsaw puzzles, dumb charades, etc. Games like these require less movement and involve people while keeping the amusement meter high! Involving them in decision-making like – choosing the menu, preparing a guest list, buying gifts, etc., will keep them busy and help them take their mind off for a while! 

  1. Dress up

Before your friends and relatives flood in, help your oldsters get ready for the event. Help them dress in their best clothes and get them well-groomed. This will help break the general monotony and give them a relaxing change. Paint their nails, get them a nice hairdo, put on glitzy clothes, and leave nothing to chance! Of course, this also requires one to be careful about their problems/sickness. In the case of bedridden patients, take proper medications and apply rash-free creams or rash-free ointment for adults to protect them from further damage.

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  1. Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet can get very difficult during festivities. As people swarm in for the celebration, so do gift boxes and sweets. Fine cuisine made at home is also heavy on fats, sugar, spices, etc. Therefore, paying close attention to their food intake becomes pivotal. While we can loosen up a little and let them enjoy the savories, it is essential to maintain the balance.

Balanced Diet for Elderly
  1. Get back to the basics.

The holiday season gives you the best opportunity to recreate some old memories. Identify some old practices followed by your family and revisit them. It can be a ritual, an activity like watching a film, or simply inviting all near and dear ones for lunch. 

  1. Travel, if possible

Changing the environment is always a good idea to spend time with loved ones during this season. Choose the safest path to your destination while planning your journey. Especially when you are traveling with an older adult, make sure to carry all their medicines, diapers, rash-free creams, balms, etc. Once everything is in place, pick your bags and get going!

6. Social Interaction:

Facilitate social interactions with family and friends. Encourage them to share stories, experiences, and memories, fostering a sense of belonging. 

7. Simplified Rituals:

Adapt rituals and traditions to their comfort and mobility levels. Simplify complex rituals to ensure their participation is enjoyable and stress-free.

8. Rest and Naps:

Allow for adequate rest periods. Festivities can be tiring for the elderly, so create a quiet space where they can take short naps to recharge.

9. Medication Management: Ensure they adhere to their medication schedules. Keep their medications on hand and make it a priority to maintain their health during the festival

Remember to rejoice!

Caring for the Elderly


While you focus on caring for the elderly at home, enjoy the occasion and help them do the same. Don’t forget festivals are a way to relax and rewind. They are a perfect chance to cut the daily redundant schedule and celebrate. So, leave all the stress of taking care of your elders to Soreze.

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