Traveling with senior citizens? Here’s how you can prepare for it!

Apr 28, 2023

Traveling with Senior Citizens

Traveling! Who can say no to it? Taking little trips in between your schedules can help rewind and relax. Going around places might not be a big deal for the millennials and generations forward. However, it is a matter of concern for older adults. 

Taking older adults around might sound like a work of great responsibility. However, traveling can help them take their mind off the woes and discomfort caused by old age and illness. Apart from traveling for leisure, they might need to shift bases for medical or other personal reasons. If you are preparing your golden ager for a journey, here are a few questions you must know the answers of - 

  • Why are you taking the trip?: Communicating is very important. What is the motive of the trip? When the reason is clear, planning the course of the vacation becomes easier. Depending on your person's ability and willingness, you can decide the destination, the sight-seeing spots and set a mood for the holiday. Getting this step right is crucial as it will help you get the rest of the plan in place. At the same time, your old person might be sick or weaker than in their youthful days, but that should not stop them from taking a trip to their favorite destination. Whether it is a holy place of worship or a beach, communicating the need can help define the mood perfectly.

  • Is the itinerary ready?: Planning the trip well in advance is important. Since we have old people in the plan, it is always best to keep the nitty grits in check. Plan the dates with enough breaks. If you are staying in a hotel/lodge, check the ambiance, facilities, and accessibility of the stay before you narrow down on one. Plan activities based on their interests and ability 

  • What food to carry?: Taking vacations is definitely all about letting our guard down and enjoying ourselves. However, that doesn't mean we completely let go of the diet restrictions. Get the list of their preferences and needs ready! Always check their diabetes and BP levels and alter food quantity and constituency based on their needs. You can always request the management to get exceptional food made for them depending on their needs. Carry snacks, energy bars, candies, chocolates, electrolytes, and others for travel.

  • Is the medical kit ready?: Carrying a basic medical first-aid kit can be beneficial even if you aren't traveling very far. Make sure to carry all their medicines and supplements and help them stick to their routine. Maintaining appropriate elderly skincare is essential if they use diapers. Prolonged use of diapers can lead to rashes; hence, a good skin barrier cream or rashes cream for adults might be helpful. Soreze anti-rashes gel forms a smooth protective shield between the skin and the diaper, avoids friction, and helps the skin breathe and recover quickly. Make sure to include OTC medicines, pain-relief sprays, and balms. 

  • What else goes in the luggage?: Once the trip's mood and location are set, it is important to get the luggage in place. As people in their golden age, their travel experience should be luxurious and comfortable. People with comorbidities or major ailments might need extra care. Hence, we must carry all the necessary items while keeping the baggage light. Carry all medicines, medical devices, aids like walking sticks, knee supports or other, adult diapers, etc., whichever suits the needs. Carry comfortable clothes. If you suspect climate change, carry warm clothes, windcheaters, rainy wear, and other essentials depending on the need. 


Traveling with Senior Citizens
  • Is your golden-years-superstar prepared for the trip? : It is natural for them to feel anxious before a trip if they are not used to traveling frequently. Therefore, keep them in the loop throughout the trip discussion and give them updates regarding the plan. Try involving them in the planning and help them find their comfort zone. For example, if you are shifting their base to a new city for medical or personal reasons, help them learn about their new home and get accustomed to it.

If you have these answers ready, you are halfway through the preparation! So, get your journey started without any worries! Don't forget to carry our adult diaper rash gel for your senior from Soreze to have a smooth traveling experience!

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